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Privacy of Student Records

Written consent from students must be given before any record or transcript is released.

All student records/transcripts are maintained in the front office. Current student records are stored in a locked, fire-safe filing cabinet. Previous years’ student records are maintained in a fire-proof safe located in the front office. Access to student records is limited to administration and the CTE administrative secretary for adult programs.

Preserving and protecting Student Records

Electronic record keeping is maintained by the adult CTE administrative secretary, and access to these records requires a password. Records of former students are also maintained (1) on a password-protected computer, (2) on a flash drive in the school’s (fireproof) safe, and (3) an additional flash drive that is kept in a safe deposit box at a local bank.

Transcript Request Procedure

Students must provide written consent.

  1. Request forms are located in the main office.
  2. The first transcript is given without charge, and students pay a nominal fee for each transcript thereafter. Contact the main office for current charges.
  3. The student may pick up the transcript in person or direct the school to mail it to a specific institution or individual.

FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Staff members are trained annually on FERPA. For complete information about this Federal law, visit the U.S. Department of Education website: