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The purpose of this policy is to provide a way for students to reach solutions to problems, large or small, that may occur in their school lives. Good morale is maintained when sincere efforts are exerted toward constructive resolutions to problems that may arise. It is the intent of this procedure to provide a simple, straightforward, and easily understood way to the resolution of problems so they may be executed as expediently as possible.

Step I: 

A student problem, if it involves a teacher, should be stated as a grievance to the teacher involved within 10 school days of the incident. The desire is that a satisfactory resolution may be completed for the student by the teacher.

Step II: 

If Step I is not satisfactorily executed, the student may state the grievance to the assistant principal for high school students or the assistant principal for adult students in an effort to obtain a mutually agreeable resolution to the problem.

Step III:  

If the problem is not resolved by Step II, it should be presented to the Director of the James Rumsey Technical Institute. The problem, by this time, shall be in writing on Form JRS-1. It is the hope that the problem may be resolved by the Director at an informal hearing and that it will go no further.

Step IV: 

It is possible, however, that if Step III is not able to resolve the problem, it may be brought to the Administrative Council of the James Rumsey Technical Institute. The grievance shall be submitted to the Secretary of the James Rumsey Administrative Council by Certified Mail. The problem, by this time, should be in writing on Form JRS-2 to be considered for the agenda by the Administrative Council.

Step V: 

If grievance is not resolved at the school level, students may contact the Council on Occupational Education, 7840 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA, 30350, phone number 1.800.917.2081.