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Scope and Services

The institution’s scope and services for this plan is to retain students to ensure their success in completing the Job & Career Training program of their choice, which leads to career success. Retention strategies, which begin prior to enrollment, are designed to assist students in appropriate program selection. Retention strategies continue throughout the student’s enrollment to assist him/her with any barriers that should arise.

Budgetary Resources

No additional budgetary resources are needed for this plan. Teachers, the postsecondary secretary, and administration work together as a team.

Major Activities/Input from Faculty and Students

All students meet with the Learning Center Coordinator for support services

  1. Student go to the Learning Center for testing as well as give input about any improvements the feel is necessary to perform well on the test.
  2. After remediation (if requested) and testing, the program instructor reviews TABE scores with student and discusses remediation strategies if needed.
  3. Program instructors interview prospective students to discuss program requirements and expectations.
  4. Intervention meetings are held by the instructors and administration as needed.
  5. Strategies prior to enrollment are as follows:
  6. The institution provides academic advisement services to assist students in planning for the occupational education programs they choose to pursue.
  7. Individualized Career Testing is available to develop a plan to determine a career decision.
  8. During orientation, Learning Center Coordinator talks with students about services available to them. Any special considerations or accommodations that arise may be referred to the Learning Center Coordinator.

The Enrollment Procedure: The enrollment procedure varies with each program. Follow the link, for the program’s specific enrollment procedure.

Major Publications

All plans, including the Student Retention Plan, are located on the school’s website.

Annual Evaluations of the Plan

Plans are evaluated by the students and faculty and approved by the Administrative Council.

Constituents with Whom the Plan is Shared

The Plan is shared with the public by means of James Rumsey’s website.