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At the beginning of the course, postsecondary students are given a brief survey pertaining to reasons for attending James Rumsey Technical Institute, and how they received information about the school/program of study. This information is evaluated by student services and administration to determine the effectiveness of the school’s publicity, marketing, and advertising in attracting students. Collected data is presented to school administrators, advisory council, and staff for feedback and suggestions for areas of improvement.

Postsecondary students are given two (2) evaluation program surveys to evaluate James Rumsey instructors and programs (textbooks, equipment, materials, and instructor.) The surveys are given annually upon student completion or withdrawal of a program. Information is evaluated by the administration and student support services and then shared with the appropriate staff member for program improvement. The information is also used to create staff development programs for the entire staff in areas of improvement.

James Rumsey Technical Institute has a plan for administering, evaluating and utilizing data collected from postsecondary students to analyze the effectiveness of Student Personnel Services.

The data, which is collected annually, is utilized for school improvement in areas of need as determined by the completed surveys. 

James Rumsey Technical Institute has on staff several members responsible for the coordination of student services. The following is a list and brief description of their services.

  • Student Services Coordinator
    • PELL Grant  assistance
    • FASFA assistance
    • Scholarship Application assistance
    • General academic and career counseling
    • Credit Transfer assistance
  • Work Based Learning Coordinator (Experiential Learning)
    • Internship mentoring
    • Career counseling
    • Job placement assistance
  • Adult Basic Education Coordinator
    • Academic support
    • General career counseling/support