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The West Virginia Department of Education CTE Division has a systematic process to approve all curricula and programs.

  1. New programs/concentrations require submission of forms 4-7 of the West Virginia Department of Education CTE LEA Plan for state approval and the approval of the local board.
    1. All programs of study align with WVDE Policy 2510, National Career Cluster Standards, and advisory council recommendations. Courses align with the West Virginia Department of Education CTE Division recommended scope and sequence.
    2. Advisory bodies, such as advisory/craft committees assist with identification and implementation of industry standards to ensure that the objectives are current and the course work is qualitative and quantitatively relevant.
  1. Advisory committee members and James Rumsey staff meet throughout the school year to discuss current trends and advances in industry.
    1. Industry standards and their integration into all professional standards are assured by all participants.
    2. The faculty members at James Rumsey Technical Institute actively participate in a curricula review process that involves data collection, industry participation, and various accreditation processes. Curricula review begins with program enrollment and completion data. This data, along with input from industry professionals, is utilized by James Rumsey Technical Institute faculty in development of curricula content.
    3. The faculty meets with industry professionals during advisory committee meetings that are scheduled multiple times throughout the year. Advisory committee meetings involve evaluations of current programs, curriculum content and objectives, roundtable discussions targeting program optimization, and recommendations for program/curricula modifications based on industry need.
    4. Individual technical programs undergo curricula review through various accreditation agencies. Several staff members have been involved with the re-writing of the CSSs with the West Virginia Department of Education and their direct input has helped shape their respective curricula.