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Privacy of Student Records

  • Written consent from students must be given before any student coursework, testing, records, and/or transcript are released.
  • All student records are maintained in the front office. Current student records are stored in a locked, firesafe filing cabinet. Previous years’ student records are maintained in a fire-proof safe located in the front office. Access to student records is limited to administration and the CTE administrative secretary for adult programs.
  • Electronic record keeping is maintained by the adult CTE administrative secretary, and access to these records requires a password. Records of former students are also maintained electronically through Data Image, a private company.

Transcript Request Procedure

Students must provide written consent

  • Request forms are located in the main office.
  • The first transcript is given without charge, and students pay a nominal fee for each transcript thereafter. Contact the main office for current charges.
  • The student may pick up the transcript in person or direct the school to mail it to a specific institution or individual.

FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Staff members are trained annually on FERPA. For complete information about this Federal law, visit the website: