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Goals and Objectives

The objective of the work-based instructional plan is to provide both the employer and the student a quality and positive work/study relationship. Through this experience, students learn work habits essential for an
occupation related to their field of study.

Activities to Achieve the Objectives

The student is to demonstrate the competencies gained from the institution. In return, the employer evaluates the student on items such as appearance, manner, initiative, accuracy, cooperation, responsibility, enthusiasm, and progress.

The steps of the plan are as follows:

  1. The student completes and returns the work-based learning application.
  2. The instructor completes the evaluation and makes a recommendation.
  3. The training agreement is completed and signed by the student, the job-site employer, and the inhouse coordinator.
  4. The student signs the responsibilities contract document.
  5. The student agrees to the conditions of class attendance and submission of weekly report sheets as outlined in the ‘Student Responsibilities Contract’.

Personnel Responsible for Overseeing the Plan

After all five steps have been completed and approval has been granted by the work-based learning coordinator, the student then begins interning at the job site. Once on the job site, the student works an eight-hour day, five days a week. All work is “live,” and the student performs his/her duties the same as a regular employee and eventually works with little to no supervision.

Personnel involved in this process are the employer, the work-based learning coordinator, and the instructor.

Timelines for Review, Evaluation and Revision of the Plan

Work-based student records are maintained in the placement office, and each week data is distributed to instructors for the purpose of continuous improvement of the work-based learning process.