Due to social distancing guidelines currently in place, JRTI will not be able to host an in-person orientation for the 2020-2021 school year. We realize that students and parents will have several questions about how the school will operate this year. This post will serve as the central resource for related information. Here, you will find orientation information relevant to the entire school as well as links to information specific to each program.

Welcome message from the school administration

Welcome to James Rumsey Technical Institute for the 2020-21 academic year.  JRTI has served our tri-county area for over fifty years and has a proud tradition of technical and academic excellence. 

As we begin an unusual school year, students, parents and guardians are asked to refer to the High School Re-entry Plan located at www.jamesrumsey.com for specific information about protocols and expectations.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to become more familiar with our wonderful school.

Covid-19 Procedures

Re-entry plan highlights
Re-entry plan highlights

Please refer to the JRTI HS Re-Entry Plan for detailed information about Covid-19 related procedures.

School Information

James Rumsey Technical Institute
Phone: (304) 754-7925
Fax: (304) 754-7933
3274 Hedgesville Rd
Martinsburg, WV 25403

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life through continual education for students of all ages throughout our community by setting standards of excellence in technical and academic education as determine by business, industry, and government.

Our Culture

James Rumsey Technical Institute serves high school students from the eight high schools in Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties through 18 unique technical programs.  Students commit to a program for a two-year period.  To prepare students for life after graduating from high school and postsecondary studies, all programs follow the Simulated Workplace structure.  This structure promotes a safe learning and work environment and as well as opportunities to grow as leaders.

Our Values

Each student is a valuable employee of his or her program’s Simulated Workplace.  At JRTI we value daily attendance, a strong work ethic, a commitment to being drug free, a commitment to leadership and a motivated attitude.  Student can be engaged in their learning through class leadership roles, projects, portfolios, student youth organizations (SkillsUSA, VEX Robotics, HEAT, FCCLA, Explorer’s Post, and NTHS) and internships/co-ops/apprenticeships.  Students can expand their leadership experience through their Simulated Workplaces as team leaders and supervisors.

Safety is Our First Priority

For everyone’s safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be following specific safety guidelines.  Masks and social distancing are required.  Hands should be frequently washed.  Classrooms and shops will be regularly cleaned and sanitized through the Simulated Workplace.  Daily symptom screenings will be conducted upon arrival to the campus.  At this time, there will be no food or drink sales.  Students and faculty/staff may bring their own bottled water. 

Safety is very important at JRTI.  We are all responsible to and for each other.

Strive for Excellence

Students can earn industry credentials through their Simulated Workplace programs.  Students work toward earning the James Rumsey Technical Institute Certificate through meeting attendance, grades and portfolio requirements.  Students can also work toward earning the prestigious Governor’s Workforce Credential through meeting attendance, grades, portfolio, certifications, drug testing and NOCTI score requirements.  National Technical Honor Society recognizes those students who show excellence and leadership in their overall grades and attitude.


Student are enrolled in a James Rumsey Technical Institute program for three periods a day over a two-year period.  Students who have good attendance and grades at the end of their first year are invited to return to complete a second year.  Students completing both years successfully are technical program completers in the state of West Virginia. 

Some students attend JRTI all day to complete their academic requirements.  This is designed for students who have the farthest to travel from their home high schools.  Priority is given to students from Morgan and Jefferson counties.  Students with good attendance, good behavior and who are on track for graduation have the best chance of earning a spot in all day classes.

Due to the varying home school schedules as a result of precautions for COVID-19, instruction will be delivered in a blended format.  Instructors will deliver instructional modules in either Google Classroom or Schoology (JRTI individual log-in).  Instructors will be recording lectures and demonstrations which will be posted on one of these learning platforms.  Students are expected to log-in daily and complete all work.

JRTI is located in Berkeley County.  Therefore, in the event that the Governor closes Berkeley County Schools, we will switch to remote learning for all of our students.  Instruction will continue to be provided through Schoology or Google Classroom.  In certain programs, students may need to come to the building in small numbers to complete hands-on modules.  Instructors will arrange for times that can better accommodate guardian/student transportation schedules.


All students should make sure that they have the device assigned to them by their counties.  Much of the instructional delivery will be provided electronically.


Each high school provides busing to and from JRTI and the home high school daily.

All-day students may purchase a parking pass from JRTI.  Half-day students must ride the bus.  For this year, students completing their academic courses virtually through their home high school may apply for a parking pass.

Connection to Home High School: Students are able to continue to be involved in extra-curricular activities offered through their home high schools such as the arts, clubs and sport.

School Counselor

Click here for the all day student bell schedule and other information from Carla Cacicia, JRTI Guidance Counselor.


  • Student Handbook – Download a PDF of information useful to students including school policies.
  • Policies – Our policies are also searchable in the Policies section or our website.
  • School Map – Find your way around the school with this handy jpg.
  • Parking Permit Application – A parking permit is required on campus. High school students must meet certain criteria to be granted a permit.
  • iGradePlus – This is our grade book and learning management system. Instructors will provide students and parents with an invitation to access.
  • Student Organizations – Explore the various student organizations at JRTI.
  • Staff Directory
  • Stay Connected: Facebook@JamesRumseyTech, Twitter – Donna Van Metre@JamesRumseyTech   #jamesrumsey   #jrti

Internet Access

These are a few options if you need wifi access to the internet during remote learning.

  • JRTI may be able to offer a hotspot that would be available from our parking lot at specific days and times during the week
  • Many schools in the local school system are making hotspots available. Check with your county to find out where.
  • Comcast has made featured Xfinity WiFi Hotspots available to the public for free.  Follow instructions at xfinity.com/wifi to find and join a hotspot.
  • Access free Wi-Fi provided by your local public library, which will be available from their grounds and parking lots.  

Instructor Orientation Links

Academic Classes

Technical Classes