A handy guide designed to help counselors match students to programs based on their interests and abilities. Includes career information from the O*Net Online Database including median salary and interest profile codes. High school programs are organized alphabetically for easy reference.



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Student Course Catalog

A 64 page catalog of everything JRTI has to offer. High School programs are organized by cluster to encourage students to explore related careers.

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CTE Today (Quick facts about CTE)
This short CTE primer provides an overview of CTE, focusing on numbers that will grab the attention of busy legislators, industry leaders and their staff. Use it to introduce people quickly to the value of CTE.

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CTE Works! (Research demonstrating the value of CTE) This fact sheet provides an overview of relevant CTE research across broad themes. Areas of focus include CTE’s impact on student academic achievement, dropout rates, adult workforce needs, earnings and employment outcomes, the skills gap and state economies.