When I first started my class at James Rumsey, I noticed I was with a group of all ages. This in itself was a great experience, and that was just the start of it. Working in the industry before starting at James Rumsey, I kinda had a little jump start. Because of a great group of instructors that had passion for culinary arts, it made me strive to learn as much as I could. I won’t lie, the early mornings were the worst, but when I finished with my completion, it was all worth it. I thank the instructors all the time in my head because if it wasn’t for them pushing us to become better chefs I probably wouldn’t be in the great situation I’m in. I finished with my degrees from Blue Ridge and ended up coming out of college with two degrees all thanks to James Rumsey Technical Institute. I now live in Florida working for one of the top ranked Fortune 500 hotel companies.