First of all, Mrs. Files is an amazing instructor. She is kind, patient, and extremely generous. While in her class, I helped with many fundraisers, drives, and volunteer ops. She helped me expand my knowledge about children and their minds greatly. I had a base level of knowledge and experience before I started her class, but a skyscraper was built as I learned. This class furthered my love and compassion for children. The Pre-K teachers were amazing as well. They helped me to better myself and reinforced what I was taught in class. I was never put down, made to feel bad, or made to feel uneducated. Mrs. Files always made me feel loved and welcomed. If I was wrong about something or misinformed, it was a discussion opportunity rather than a lecture. Class was hands on and everyone got along and became friends. Of course there was drama, but Mrs. Files ensured everyone kept it together in class and that it did not interfere when learning or during the time with the kids. I loved this class and all it helped me to do. JRTI is like my other family. All the teachers were wonderful and made learning more exciting.