The Door to Opportunity

Whatever your destination may be, JRTI can help get you there.

We know that college isn’t for everyone. From financial reasons to simply wanting to get a head start in the workforce, James Rumsey Technical Institute is a great way to lay the path to your career.

Our institution gives men and women the skills needed to be an asset to a diverse range of industries. Our hands-on approach to teaching goes beyond book work, and gives each individual a new perspective.


Why Attend James Rumsey Technical Institute?

Many of our two year programs give you the skills and certification to start out at entry level positions within your field. In addition to giving you specific training within your chosen career path, you will also be in contact with local businesses and institutions that are looking to hire skilled professionals!

All of James Rumsey Technical Institute’s programs are structured as simulated work places. This gives each student the ability to work with one another as a small business and establish dynamic synergies that push technical learning beyond the classroom. Hands-on work experience ensures a stronger understanding of of your educational experience while being utilized in a safe and guided environment.

All of our programs have strong educational and business relationships with local companies. In addition to being able to move right into your chosen career after successfully completing our courses, you will also have access to career placement services the school to help start you on your path.